Disposable E-cigs Vs Rechargeable

Which is better?

Choosing whether to buy a disposable E-cig or a rechargeable E-cig can be a difficult decision. Of course, they are both electronic cigarettes and they are both healthier and cleaner than any tobacco-filled product… but which one is better?

What’s the difference?

First, let’s take a moment to discuss the differences between these two products. A disposable E-cig is simply an electronic cigarette that you throw away after use. You don’t recharge the battery on a disposable, so you won’t need a charger. You also don’t refill or replace the cartomizer, so you don’t need any refill cartridges or e-liquid.

A rechargeable E-cig, on the other hand, is generally made up of two parts… a battery and a cartomizer. You also need a charger and extra e-liquid or refill cartridges to make the most out of this type of E-cig. The main difference between this version and the disposable version, however, is the fact that you don’t throw a rechargeable away when you drain the battery or empty the cartomizer. When the battery goes dead, you plug it in and charge it up, and when you run out of e-liquid, you either refill the cartomizer or replace it altogether (some rechargeable E-cig cartomizers are disposable, even if the batteries are not).

Which one is better for you?

Deciding which of these two is better for you is really dependent upon your situation. If, for example, you have never tried E-cigs before but would like to see if you like them before committing to a large purchase, then buying a disposable E-cig can be a great way to start.

Of course, disposable E-cigs have a disadvantage where price is concerned. Buying one of them is much less expensive at first than buying a rechargeable starter kit is, but buying disposable electronic cigarettes on a regular basis will quickly add up to being more expensive in the long run. Rechargeable cigarettes are much more cost-effective because all you need to buy for them after buying the initial starting kit are refill cartridges… which are very inexpensive.

Buying disposable E-cigs can also be an easy way to try out new flavours. Rather than buying an entire pack of cartomizers or a whole bottle of e-liquid, vapers can simply invest in one disposable of the appropriate flavour to see if they like it.

Another disadvantage to disposable E-cigs, however, is the fact that they really only come as minis. If you want an advanced personal vaporizer, for example, then you are going to need to buy a rechargeable model anyway. Granted, there are disposable E-gars and other similar products, but mini-style E-cigs represent the bulk of what you can buy in disposable form.

Disposables As A Long-Term Option

If you are a light vaper and don’t want the hassle of recharging batteries or buying new cartomizers, then disposables may be a suitable long-term option… though keep in mind that buying a rechargeable starter kit will save you more money. Some people find that disposables are so much easier to use, however, that they see it as worth the extra money to order them.

In a lot of ways, disposables may seem more like real cigarettes because they are similar in the sense that once you use one, you simply throw it away and reach for the next.

One downside to this is that buying only disposables can limit your flavour options. Some E-cig companies only offer one or two flavours in their disposable line. Finding specialty flavours in a disposable mini can also be a challenge… so this should also be something that is taken into account when one is trying to decide which will work better for their personal needs.

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