Reasons E-Cigarettes are Better

6 Reasons E-Cigs are Better than Traditional Cigarettes

Every day thousands of smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes. It’s pretty obvious that if people are switching then e-cigs must be better. Well yes, they are. How are they better though? If you’re wondering, here are six ways that e-cigs beat old-fashioned cigarettes!

1. They’re safer.

Burning tobacco contains over 4,000 chemicals, about a hundred of which can cause cancer. E-cigs only contain four and they’re all approved as safe for use in foods and medicines. Don’t listen to people who say “We don’t know what’s in them.” Yes, we do. The main ingredient of most liquids, propylene glycol, is so safe it’s used in asthma inhalers.

2. They’re healthier.

If you smoke you’ll find yourself getting out of breath more easily and, in winter, you’ll probably get more colds. Switch to vaping and you’ll feel fitter and have more energy. If you play sports or exercise you’ll see your performance improve. Many vapers also say they get far less colds than when they smoked.

3. They’re cheaper.

Even a cigalike with disposable cartomisers will cost you half as much as cigarettes did. Move to an eGo battery and clearomisers and that drops to a quarter or less. If you’re using a rebuildable atomizer and mixing your own juice you’ll be spending pennies a day.

4. They don’t make you stink.

When you smoke a lot of what you exhale ends up sticking to your hair, your clothes, even your skin. The smell of stale smoke hangs around for hours; every time you walk into a room people will notice it – you’ll probably see them wrinkle their noses, because it’s not a nice smell. Your car and home will smell, too. E-cigs are completely different. Many of them have no smell at all; others give off a pleasant aroma of fruit or coffee. Even non-smokers will often say, “What’s that? It smells lovely!”

5. You can use them in more places.

Unfortunately some people who’ve banned smoking are now starting to include e-cigs in those bans. Lots haven’t, though, and there’s no saying how long these bans will last. Right now there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and pubs who’re happy to let you vape. Friends and family who don’t like smoking often have a completely different attitude to vaping, and will be happy for you to do it indoors. Smokers these days get to spend a lot of time out in the rain.

6. They taste better.

You enjoy the sensation of smoking, but do you really like the taste? At the end of the day lit tobacco is basically burning leaves. Most smokers need a while to get used to the taste. That’s not a problem with e-cigarettes. You can choose from hundreds of great flavours – fruits, mint, coffee, chocolate and loads more. Vape for a few months then try a cigarette – you’ll wonder how you could ever stand them!

That’s six good reasons to make the switch. Are there any reasons not to? Are there any ways a cigarette is better than an e-cig? We can’t think of any. If you haven’t already switched it’s time to try an e-cigarette and see what you’ve been missing!

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