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About the company

Apollo E-cigs has been around for quite some time now, and this isn’t the first time we’ve looked into them. But with that being said, it has been a little while since we’ve done any sort of reviewing for their products – so we were excited to revisit and check them out.

Upon arriving, however, we quickly remembered why Apollo has always held a positive place in the E-cig market for us. Across the top banner of the site, you see just about everything you need to see…

“Need Help? Live Chat Now!

“Free Shipping on US orders over $30”

“30 Day Money Back Guarantee”

“6 Month Limited Warranty”

To be quite honest, these are the elements that we always hope to see when writing a review – and here they were, displayed across the top of the banner on Apollo E-cigs.

But with that being said, customer service can only help so much if the products aren’t up to par – so that was what we decided to look into next.

Learning more about Apollo

Upon visiting the About Us section of the company website, we found this as the introduction to the company description.

“Apollo E-Cigs is much more than just a supplier of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid. Apollo E-Cigs is a community, Apollo E-Cigs is an innovator, Apollo E-Cigs is a force for good championing the cause of e-cigarettes and e-liquid worldwide.”

Granted, it’s a bit on the dramatic side – but it does seem to send a good message. The main point here is that it seems to go along with a recurring theme – that Apollo cares about their customers.

And after taking some more time to look around, we had to agree with this sentiment.

As a company that offers quite a bit of variety and some quality Vape Kits, Apollo seems to do most things the right way.

Products sold by Apollo

Apollo sells several vape kits that they separate into three different categories… Starter Kits, Advanced Kits, and Express Kits. Of course, you can also browse and shop the entirety of the site’s inventory at once – but if you were to wish it, you could break things down by choosing one of these categories. The vape kits that they offer range from simple, inexpensive vape pens to more complicated box mods – so Apollo gets high marks for product diversity.

They also sell a wide variety of E-liquids in a range of different brands. Granted, their brand selection itself isn’t quite as large as those offered by some other websites – but as far as flavor choices go, Apollo E-cigs seems to do a pretty good job. You won’t have a problem finding some quality E-liquid choices here, which is good. Whether you’re more into specialty flavors or tobacco-like options, you’ll find more than enough to keep you vaping and happy on Apollo.

Apollo Branding and packaging

We’ve never had any reason to complain about Apollo’s packaging methods. The boxes that their products come in always seem well-done, and we’ve never had anything arrive damaged or broken.

As far as branding is concerned, we really like what Apollo has done with their brand identity. Their website and the packaging on their products works together quite well, and seems to make a lot of sense. It’s functional, but professional – so two thumbs up to Apollo in this category!

Our favorite Apollo product: A closer look at the OHM GO Kit

It didn’t take long to figure out what our new favorite product on Apollo’s website was! So without further delay, let’s talk about the OHM GO Kit.


The OHM GO Kit is really a perfect option for new smokers who are getting ready to transition to vaping – which is one of the things that we really liked about it. It’s technically a vape pen, but it offers so many features that it’s actually deceptively sophisticated.


Here’s a list of the main specs and features…

  • 3ml tank capacity
  • Product dimensions: .74’ diameter and 4.06’ height
  • Minimum resistance: 0.3Ohms
  • Wattage range: 5-50W
  • Self-adjusts wattage all on its own
  • Built-in 1900mAh lithium ion battery
  • Comes with a micro USB charging cord
  • 510 threading
  • Weight: 1.48oz
  • Made from stainless steel, brass, and Pyrex

About the product

As a self-adjusting sub ohm kit, the OHM GO offers an incredible amount of value for the money. Sub Ohm kits are known for costing quite a bit if you piece them together, mostly because they require quite a bit of battery power and a special tank – but with this kit, you can equip yourself for sub ohm vaping for just $49.95, which is surprisingly inexpensive.

Apollo Go Ohm Device

Vapor production

Vapor production on this kit is impressive – especially when you outfit it with a sub ohm coil. Thankfully, it ships with a 0.5Ohm coil pre-installed, and also comes with a 1.0 Ohm coil as a spare – so you’ll be able to sub-ohm with it right from the beginning.

Battery performance

With a 1900mAh battery built into this device, you certainly won’t need to worry about it dying too quickly. Granted, Sub ohm vaping does take more power than regular vaping – so if you sub ohm, you’ll probably need to charge it once per day to keep it going (unless you’re an extremely light vaper). But still, all things considered, that’s not bad at all.


We loved the design of this product. It looks as good as it performs.

Apollo E-liquid choices

Apollo does a pretty good job with E-liquids. They carry dozens of different flavors in several different brands – though most of them are Apollo’s own brand, which we really liked.

ApolloEcigs E-liquids

Nicotine options

Most of Apollo’s E-liquids come in the following nicotine strengths… 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.

More about the companyShippingWarranty
Apollo has this listed as their goal on the About Us page of their official website…

“Apollo has one main goal: to provide our customers with products and services that deliver the best possible vaping experience. We believe that we consistently achieve this with not only our nicotine liquids but also our full range of Electronic Cigarettes and their accompanying accessories.”

With that being said, they certainly seem to meet this goal. We’ve been nothing but impressed with them so far, and would certainly recommend them to vapers looking for a high-quality device.

In the US, you can get free shipping on any orders over $30 – which is awesome!
They offer a 6 month limited warranty on most of their products. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which we were very happy to see!

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered about Apollo E-cigs over the course of our research…


  • They offer live chat for help and support
  • They offer free shipping in the US on orders totaling $30 or more
  • They offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 6 month limited warranty on their products
  • They carry a high quality selection of products and some great deals on E-liquid


  • It was difficult to find any downsides to this website – but one could be that they don’t carry more vaping starter kits. They do carry quite a few, but some websites that we’ve looked at do carry a few more – so that could be considered a bit of a downside.

Our final verdict

In the end, we were more than impressed with Apollo, for many different reasons. They offer quality kits at great prices, and make vaping easy to get into for vapers of all experience levels.

If you’re interested in a quality electronic cigarette retailer and don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for E-cigs or e-liquid, then Apollo E-cigs should certainly be on your list of websites to visit. We recommend them with two thumbs up!

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