How to clean e-cigarette

How to Clean Your Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have all sorts of advantages over tobacco, but they do need some minor maintenance to keep them in top working order. If you neglect them they’ll eventually start to go downhill – you’ll get less vapour, the taste will deteriorate and you can even damage your equipment. The good news is it isn’t hard to keep everything in great shape. Some simple cleaning will make sure your gear keeps working and you get a great vape every time.

Like any electronic device an e-cig will last longer if it’s kept clean, so give all your gear – batteries, atomisers, mods, the lot – a regular wipe to get rid of dust and pocket grime. Wipe off any spilled liquid right away, before it finds its way into the electronics. It’s worth taking a regular look at the atty connector, too. Many designs tend to leak tiny drops into the connector, so give it a daily wipe with a tissue or cotton wool. With mods – especially mechs – it’s worth giving the inside of the battery compartment an occasional wipe too. While you’re poking around inside check the contacts. If they’re tarnished that can reduce the voltage being delivered to the coil, so keep them clean with some metal polish and a soft cloth.

Atomisers themselves need some maintenance, too. Even if you use clearomisers with disposable heads it’s a good idea to keep things clean. Drip tips and mouthpieces should be wiped with a damp cloth at least daily, and washed through with hot water two or three times a week. Tanks and clearos should also be washed out weekly to get rid of any traces of old liquid. You can extend the life of heads by occasional dry burning – with the tank empty press the fire button in a series of short pulses, to burn any residue from the wire and wick.

If you’re using more advanced gear, like rebuildable atomisers, they need slightly more attention. An ultrasonic cleaner is a good investment; dismantle the atomizer, put all the parts in the cleaner  with some cleaning solution and let it vibrate for 20 minutes. That will clean any grease, old juice or caked on gunk from the parts. Once the cleaner has done its job just rinse it all off and reassemble.

If you’re using a genesis style rebuildable it’s a good idea to clean the wick every time you wrap a new coil. The best way to do that is simply to burn it clean. Take the wick out and run it through a gas flame until the juice soaked into it burns off and it’s glowing brightly. Then quench it in cold water, let it dry and fit it back in the atty. Do that regularly and a mesh wick will last for months. Silica wicks can be kept going by dry burning until any residue burns off and leaves the silica white again.

Keeping your vaping gear clean only takes a few minutes a week, and it’s well worth the effort. After all this is stuff you put in your mouth, so you want it to be as hygienic as possible. You’ll also get a much better vape, of course, and that’s what it’s all about.

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