Clearomizers vs Glassomizers

Clearomizers vs Glassomizers: The Future of Vaping!

As recently as a year ago anyone buying an e-cigarette starter kit would find themselves with some sort of plastic cartridge or tank to hold the liquid. Whether it was a disposable prefilled carto, a CE4 clearomiser or an eGo tank system, synthetic materials were the name of the game. It was only when you moved on to high end gear that glass and stainless steel started to take over.

For most people this wasn’t a big worry – after all plastic is cheap, light and tough. There are two issues with it though. The first one is a worry that chemicals could dissolve out of the plastic and contaminate the liquid, with unknown health effects. In fact this doesn’t seem to be a real problem – enough tests have been done on e-cig vapour by now to have identified any health worries, and even hostile scientists have been reduced to complaining about the solder in old-style cigalike cartridges. It’s likely that if there was any contamination from plastic tanks we’d have heard about it by now.

The second problem – and this one is real – is that some liquids can destroy plastic. Even though tanks don’t dissolve in the liquid a few flavours can make them turn opaque or even crack. Citrus flavours are a common culprit, and cinnamon is also likely to cause problems. If you manage to get your hands on some Pluid that breaks polycarbonate tanks too.

What’s the solution? It’s simple – Pyrex glass. That’s completely resistant to any e-liquid, and if you do have any worries about plastic contamination (which you shouldn’t) it’s a perfectly safe food-grade material. The trouble is that until quite recently Pyrex was restricted to a few expensive rebuildables and carto tanks.

That all changed in early 2013 when the Kanger Protank appeared. Not much more expensive than the still-popular Vivi Nova, it had a full Pyrex tank that resisted even the most notorious crackers. Easily available, cheap replacement heads helped bring plastic-free vaping in reach of any budget, and its performance was a big step up from most clearos at the time.

Not surprisingly more Pyrex clearos – which soon picked up the name “glassomisers” – soon appeared. As well as straight clones of the Protank the Davide quickly earned a good reputation for itself, and Smoktech produced a glass version of the Vivi Nova. The Protank itself is now up to version 3 and mini ones are a perfect fit for eGo batteries. The little Smok Aro looks like an Evod while the Dbox Puritank is a big atty with a 5ml capacity (don’t tell the EU).

Many vendors are now selling starter kits that come with Protank Minis and they only cost a few pounds more than a similar kit with Evods, so for a very small premium you can get the benefits of a glass tank right from the start of your vaping career.

How’s it going to go in the future? It’s likely glass is going to get a lot more common, with Protanks now taking most of the market share Vivis had a year ago and more manufacturers bringing out their own Pyrex options. As usual in the vaping world the choice just keeps getting better.

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