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E-cigarette Celebrity Vapers Popping Up Everywhere!

If you’ve been vaping for more than a year or two you probably remember when just about everyone who saw you asked, “What’s that?” Things are changing fast though, and electronic cigarettes are fast becoming mainstream. Walk round any town and the chances are you’ll see someone puffing on an eGo or even a mod, and plenty cash registers have a rack of cigalikes next to them. You won’t just see them on the street or in a pub, either – in the last year they’ve started appearing on TV and even the big screen. An impressive list of famous names are ditching tobacco and moving to vapour, and they’re doing it publicly.

Some e-cig opponents are complaining that the sight of celebrities vaping will make hordes of children take up smoking, but not even they really believe that. What is true is that celebrity vapers raise the profile of e-cigarettes and help get them accepted in society, which is what we’re all aiming for. A bonus is that a wide range of big names are openly vaping, so the social impact is much wider. This isn’t just a niche product popular with one sector of the entertainment industry; whether it’s the latest blockbuster, classic rock or even the homely charms of a BBC soap there’s a good chance an e-cig is going to appear sooner or later.

E-cigs are making a big hit in Hollywood. A whole range of stars have made the switch including Leonardo DiCaprio and Katherine Heigl. Johnny Depp used one on screen in The Tourist and former hellraiser Charlie Sheen has even launched his own brand. Catherine Zeta Jones has been seen using one in a restaurant and they’re taking off among the cast of Twilight, with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reid all reported to be converts. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss was seen vaping at the 2014 Golden Globe awards, which attracted a lot of publicity.

It’s not just Hollywood either. June Brown, who plays Dot Cotton in Eastenders, is a dual fueller – she’s not quite given up on the stinkies just yet, but she is using an e-cig as well.

Musician Tom Petty is a confirmed vaper and his music appeal to a wide age range. The same goes for Rolling Stones veteran Ronnie Wood – if a famous wild man like that can make the switch, it’s pretty clear that anyone can! There’s good news about celebrity non-vapers too; so far Justin Bieber hasn’t been seen with a mod in his hand.

The list of celebrities who’re happy to fire up an electronic cigarette in public is growing rapidly. Actors, actresses, singers, models and even a couple of politicians are getting on board. The howls of anguish from the antis are predictable, but the real message is clear – vaping is something that’s here to stay. Celebrities have been famous in the past for giving us bad lifestyle examples to follow, so it’s a nice change to see an ever increasing number of them showing a positive one instead.

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