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About the Company

ePuffer is a global E-cig company and a true world leader in the electronic cigarette manufacturing industry. They have headquarters offices located in the UK, US, and Canada, offer a huge selection of high-quality vaping products, and have a customer base over one-million strong in 26 different countries. Unlike some E-cig companies out there, ePuffer doesn’t just sell electronic cigarettes. They also design, manufacture, and distribute them. Some of their products are truly top-notch, and they have a reputation for being a major player in the global E-cig market.

Learning more about ePuffer

To be honest, ePuffer is one of our new favorite E-cig companies. They’ve been doing business for quite a while now, but last year they really seemed to come out of nowhere and exploded onto the scene with some new, cutting-edge products. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of them and look into some of the more intricate details of what makes ePuffer so popular.

Products sold by ePuffer

ePuffer sells a wide range of different products. The main categories that they deal in include the following…

  • E-cigs
  • Vaporizers
  • E-cigars
  • E-pipes
  • E-liquid
  • Accessories

In each one of these categories, they also carry quite a few different options. They carry several starter kits in each of the different device categories, as well as some disposable products and a somewhat limited, yet quality range of E-liquids.

Epuffer products

Here’s a quick breakdown of the starter kits offered by ePuffer. They actually offer so many different options that we would never be able to fit information about all of them into one review, but this should hopefully give you a pretty good idea of what they’re offering in terms of a selection to choose from…

  • Some Magnum Snaps Starter Kits
  • The Cosmos Starter Kits
  • Phantom HD3 Starter Kits
  • E-650 and E-900 E-cigar Starter Kits
  • E-Pipe 605 REV 2 Starter Kits
  • E-Pipe 629 Starter Kits
  • And several more

ePuffer also offers quite a few different disposable E-cig options as well – including some very high-quality E-cigars that you can simply discard when you’re done with them, which is awesome.

ePuffer branding and packaging

ePuffer always seems to do a superb job with packaging. The products always come safely and neatly wrapped, and the packages (while usually simple) are always very sturdy and functional. But some of them also go a bit above-and-beyond, such as the packaging that comes with the E-Pipe 629. This starter kit (which we will discuss in the next section) is very elegant and attractive – to a degree that usually doesn’t exist in the E-cig world.

Our favorite ePuffer product: A closer look at the E-Pipe 629 R2 Kit

Our favorite product on ePuffer was probably the E-Pipe 629 R2 Kit. This kit was fancy and attractive to an incredible degree – but it also served a very functional place as a realistic and user-friendly alternative to the real thing.

Electronic Pipe 629 R2

This E-pipe is as functional as it is elegant. We were pretty impressed with it really, and were excited to see that someone is actually producing electronic pipes that are both realistic and traditional. The best thing about this pipe was that it could make an amazing gift for a smoker in your life who usually smokes a pipe, because it looks and feels so lifelike that even hardcore smokers would likely appreciate it.

629 R2 E-pipe

About the pipe

Here’s a list of what you can expect to see inside the starter kit if you order it…

  • A solid wood bowl
  • 2 high drain 1100mAh rechargeable batteries
  • 2 liquamizer 629s with mouthpieces and stems
  • 5 atomizers (one in each liquamizer and three extras)
  • A universal rapid battery charger
  • A wooden gift box
  • An instruction manual

The high drain 1100mAh batteries will give you plenty of power, and charging them with the included charger will keep you vaping without the need to take long charging breaks. Plus, with two liquamizers, you can actually keep two different types of E-liquid on hand without having to empty and refill your tank – which is awesome.

Vapour Production

The vapour production on this product is, admittedly, pretty good. You’re probably not going to win any cloud chasing competitions with it – but that’s not really what it was made for.

It produces a quality amount of vapour that’ll give you a satisfying throat hit and taste. In all actuality, it’s pretty lifelike – and the fact that it fires automatically adds to its realism.

Battery Performance

The batteries that come with the 629 R2 are high capacity 18350 lithium ion batteries rated at 1100mAh. This means that you shouldn’t have any problem getting more than a day’s worth of vaping out of one before you need to change it – and charging it will take a few hours at the most. To put it simply, this starter kit certainly comes with enough battery power to make it work.


The design of this entire kit is nothing short of impressive. We’ve really never seen a kit this realistic before. Kudos to ePuffer for designing something so elegant and functional, and combining all of these elements into one starter kit.

ePuffer E-liquid Choices

ePuffer carries a surprisingly limited selection of E-liquids. A many of the larger E-cig companies are now offering hundreds of different flavours, but ePuffer keeps its selection down to about two dozen. Still, with that being said, they carry some very nice options, including some specialty options like Midnight Pleasure Shisha, Caramel Mocca Latte, Blackcurrant Cassis, and many more.

Nicotine options

Most of the E-liquids on ePuffer come in 3 different nicotine strengths – 0mg, 0.6mg, and 1.2mg.

More about the companyShippingWarranty
As a company, ePuffer has earned some high marks for customer service – and for good reason. They offer a lot of incentives, sales, and deals, and also do a pretty good job on the shipping/warranty side of things.
You can get free first class shipping when you order $50 or more worth of merchandise at the same time on the official website. You also get priority 2-5 day delivery on all orders, which is awesome.
You can get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with any ePuffer products up to 30 days after the purchase with the ePuffer 30 day money back guarantee. They also offer a 1 year limited warranty on most of their products, which protects you if you decide to keep the product but experience a break-down within the first year of ownership.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered while researching ePuffer and its website…


  • They offer several different types of starter kits to appeal to a wide range of different customers
  • They offer a lot of different types of accessories – pretty much anything you could possibly need
  • The E-liquids that they offer taste awesome and are high in quality
  • They offer a 30 day money back guarantee, a free shipping option, and a 1 year warranty


  • They don’t offer a huge variety of different E-liquids
  • They offer some awesome starter kits and vapourizers, but not as large a variety as some other companies

Our Final Verdict

To put it simply, ePuffer offers exceptional quality for the money. Their customer service is top-notch, they offer some awesome perks, and make it easy to return products if you’re not pleased with them. They don’t offer a ton of different E-liquid options – but honestly, they make up for this with a range of well-priced kits, and they truly have something to offer for vapers of every experience level.

We enthusiastically recommend ePuffer for anyone interested in vaping supplies or electronic cigarettes who’s interested in quality vaping gear and top-notch customer service at a fair and affordable price.

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