The newest e-cigarette technology

Newest E-cigarette Technology – How Far it’ll go?!

We’re all aware of the fact that e-cigarettes have evolved significantly ever since they were launched in the marketplace for the first time. Initially, they used to be simple electronic devices which could barely imitate the exact flavor, feel and look of real cigarettes. Considered to be nothing more than a cool novelty, e-cigarettes were devices which only had the potential of a workable idea (by making some improvements to them), but were not there yet. All in all, they were hardly ever considered to be something groundbreaking.

You can trace the roots of e-cigarettes as long ago as 1963, to a man known by the name Herbert A Gilbert. He was the one who patented an e-cigarette for the first time. The concept never gathered any steam and disappeared slowly by the year 1967. It reappeared sometime around 2003, when Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist invented the very first, usable electronic cigarette, matching the design of an actual analog cigarette.

The device invented by Hon underwent many major changes and improvements over the years, resulting in the creation of modern-day electronic cigarettes that we all are so fond of today!

The newest e-cigarette technology

So, let’s now discuss how the modern day e-cigarettes look like. Apart from a cartomizer and a battery, the present-day vaping devices also feature better elements, long-lasting batteries, variable voltage settings, E liquids and most of all better looks. Many of them are even fitted with memory chips and microprocessors! These components automatically make adjustments to the battery output, in order to make sure that you get the very best experience with every puff. The present-day e-cigarette devices also come fitted with flashing LEDs which warn users about the low battery or low E liquid levels.

Are these new electronic cigarettes good enough to completely replace the tobacco-based analog cigarettes?

There’s nothing doubting the fact that despite being a new concept, e-cigarettes continue to enjoy an impressive stint in the marketplace. Considering how e-cig industry is growing, it doesn’t seem that this trend is going to change in the years to come. E-cigarettes are much safer, healthier, cheaper and cleaner than the conventional tobacco cigarettes. But, they are quite profitable and popular too.

Coming to their ability of competing with or throwing out the conventional tobacco cigarettes from the marketplace, the idea isn’t too far-fetched as it may seem right now. As per several market studies and analysis, electronic cigarettes are all set to pass the sales volume of conventional analog cigarettes by the year 2047. Much credit for this can be given to the smart marketing strategies adopted by the electronic cigarette industry. Additionally, a lot of it also has to do with the products that are currently being sold by popular e-cigarette manufacturers. The most popular e-cigarettes are known to work better, deliver consistent results, are easy-to-use and are overall far better products than the ones which were available 3 to 10 years ago.

But the real question is, have the electronic cigarettes evolved enough to pose a real threat to their conventional counterpart? This is a tricky question to answer, because sky is the limit when we talk about the possibilities of technology. We all know that e-cigarettes have become far better, but ask anyone and they won’t disagree that they can be improved even further.

This opinion is in stark contrast to the traditional tobacco filled cigarettes that have almost remained unchanged for a long time now. There are hardly any tobacco-based cigarettes out there that’ll will offer you longer life or extra puffs unless you fill them up with more tobacco, which automatically translates into more health risks and higher prices.


The technological advancements continue to have a positive effect on the electronic cigarette industry. As in the case of mobile phone industry, every new e-cigarette brand or e-cigarette variety that gets launched in the marketplace seems to have an edge over all its predecessors.

While some of the changes may be small, and others large, eventually, e-cigarette industry is progressing with every passing day. Electronic cigarettes are devices that are here to stay and the important question is – How far they’ll manage to go?!

As discussed earlier, sky is the limit when it comes to technology, and the same can be said about electronic cigarettes. With technology’s limit is being pushed every day to make room for better and fresh ideas, we can only expect better and improved versions of electronic cigarettes in the times to come!

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