Cigees Classic Starter Kit

Cigees Classic Starter Kit
Brand: Cigees
Item: Classic Starter Kit
Contents: 1 Rechargeable 240 mah Battery + 2 Tobacco Flavoured Cartomlzers High Strength (16mg) + 1 USB Charger
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Build Quality ( 49 )
Vapour Production ( 40 )
Flavour ( 48 )
Throat Hit ( 44 )
Shipping ( 76 )
Value for Money ( 53.5 )

Product Description

The Cigees Classic is a TWO PART E-Cigarette avoiding the leaks and mess of the old THREE PART design. You only need to buy spare Cartomizers to enjoy your Classic and at Cigees low prices you’ll be saving a fortune!

The Classic High Capacity 240mah Battery is larger than most on the market and lasts longer. It is 82mm long – others being offered are much smaller.

The Cigees Cartomizers have been developed with our own formula of E-Liquid which gives smooth vapour with no drying of the throat. At the same time a good amount of water vapour is produced giving the “real cigarette” experience. The “throat hit” with our formula feels the same as a normal tobacco cigarette making stopping smoking easier.



Robert J
Cigees Classic Starter Kit 86.7

This is a great e-cig. I'm new to vaping and inside EU and there's not so much choice at the moment in terms of e-cigarette starter kits available locally so I hat to think twice before ordering from UK because of the extra delivery cost. Plus I wasn't sure how long the delivery will take.

The starter kit arrived within a week so it surprised me. The actual e-cig is a good quality. It took a bit to get used to but after couple of days I really started enjoying vaping. The throat hit was ok so as the amount of vapour. I tried the tobacco taste and I was quite surprised in similarity to a real cigarette. So over all this is a good started kit to try.

  • Fast delivery
  • Good taste and throat hit
  • Cheap
  • Could do with more vapour
Posted on Feb 4, 2014 10:16 am
Cigees Classic Starter Kit 16.8

I purchased starter kit from Cigees and i must say it had awful throat hit, taste was not very good, battery performance was terrible. It's one of the worst e-cigs I've tried and as for vapour... not much at all. I would say if your looking for a good e-cig then buy something else.

  • none
  • none
  • none
  • throat hit
  • vapour
  • battery
Posted on Dec 12, 2015 9:11 pm

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