V2 Cigs Express Kit

V2 Cigs Express Kit
Brand: V2 Cigs
Item: V2 Express Kit
Contents: 1 x V2 Standard White Automatic Battery, 1 x V2 Flavor Cartridge, 1 x Express Charger
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Build Quality ( 10 )
Vapour Production ( 70 )
Flavour ( 80 )
Throat Hit ( 75 )
Shipping ( 60 )
Value for Money ( 60 )

Product Description

The V2 Cigs Express Kit is the easiest and most affordable rechargeable starter kit by V2 Cigs. This is the best electronic cigarette starter kit for someone who wants to try V2 Cigs for the first time or wants to add to their existing e-cig collection. The Express Kit features a single white rechargeable V2 standard battery, a single V2 Flavor Cartridge and convenient Express Charger.



Roberto H
V2 Cigs Express Kit 59.2

The batteries don’t last long and I don’t mean just the charge. Six weeks of use and 3 of 4 batteries quit working. Love the blank cartridges (clear ones) but 2 of 6 leaked and 1 was missing o-ring.

Overall, love the e-cig concept, but V2 is not quite as good as some of the reviews show on the net. The only reviews on their website are REALLY good ones and mostly old reviews. Can’t believe only 77 reviewed in the past few years.

  • Nice concept
  • good taste
  • Poor batteries
  • some cartridges leaked
Posted on Feb 12, 2014 2:58 pm

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