Time to Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

Is it The Right Time to Switch to Electronic Cigarettes?

If you’re a smoker the chances are you’ve heard of e-cigarettes by now. They’re rapidly becoming popular – the number of users is doubling every year and there are already more than a million in the UK. Perhaps you’ve considered switching to them yourself – you might even have tried one already. So is this the right time to switch from smoking to vaping?

E Cigarette statistics in th UK

To answer that question you need to look at the alternatives you have. There are three – quit nicotine, keep smoking or switch to vaping. Many smokers would like to quit nicotine, but really it’s not a big deal – on its own nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine, and it’s now well known that it has benefits too. Nicotine helps you concentrate and boosts mental abilities. It can also protect against Parkinson’s Disease and possibly Alzheimers, help with the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, combat depression and reduce the risk of some types of epilepsy. Nicotine, by itself, isn’t a health worry. Unfortunately many people believe it is – studies show that nearly half the British public, and even almost a third of doctors, still think it’s the nicotine in cigarette smoke that causes harm. It isn’t. Electronic cigarettes give you a way to use nicotine without all the harmful chemicals found in smoke.

As for continuing smoking that has all sorts of drawbacks. As well as the health risks, it’s increasingly expensive and bans are making it more inconvenient, too. The number of places you can smoke is being steadily reduced – some people even want to ban smoking in your own car, and some people visiting your home for business can demand that you don’t smoke while you’re there. If you switch to electronic cigarettes you’ll find many advantages. You’ll save a lot of money, especially if you go for a refillable system. You’ll feel healthier. You won’t even have to dust your home as much either – it’s amazing how much of that dust turns out to be ash. You can also vape in many public places – most pubs are happy to let you use an e-cig if you ask them.

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Is this the right time to switch to electronic cigarettes? Definitely. If you’ve tried an e-cig and decided it wasn’t for you, maybe you should think again. The devices are getting better every month, and if your only experience was a disposable from a petrol station you’re missing out on a lot. There’s a huge range available now, from compact models the same size as a cigarette to advanced devices with high-capacity batteries that let you adjust the voltage to suit yourself. You can choose convenient disposable cartridges, although these are relatively expensive (but still a lot cheaper than smoking!) Alternatively there are many refillable atomisers that let you choose your own flavour and strength of liquid from a huge selection. Most of them use cheap replaceable heating elements that are easy to change – just unscrew the old element and put in a new one. You can save even more money by getting a rebuildable model that only needs cheap wick and wire.

The most common reason smokers give for not switching is that e-cigs don’t compare to cigarettes. If you think that, you’ve tried the wrong e-cig! Hundreds of thousands of British smokers have switched to electronic alternatives that give all the satisfaction of a cigarette, as well as a better taste, lower cost and less risk. Once you find the right device and liquid you won’t miss smoking at all.

There’s never been a better time to make the change to electronic cigarettes.

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